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The True Cost of Fitness

There’s been something bugging me for the last few weeks.

It’s about the cost of things.  Not just the price, but the actual cost.

You see, my pitch is the same with everyone.  It doesn’t matter who comes through the door.  You could be man or woman or neither, you can be tall or short or overweight or even underweight.  You came in with a problem that you needed solved.  An issue that isn’t just small and manageable.  You sought us out to help you and that is the sole function of this gym.  We are here to help you get to your fitness goals.  Everything we do is set up to guide you in whatever way that you need towards that in small, measurable and sustainable steps.

And then I mention the price.

That’s where everything comes to a grinding halt.


Are we expensive?  In the spectrum of gyms and similar places: yes.

But when we start talking about cost, then we are the cheapest out here.

Places like LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, Anytime… they love it when you don’t show up.  It hurts their bottom line when you show up.  You cause wear and tear on their equipment that is expensive to maintain.  They have to hire more staff.  Planet Fitness has 60,000+ members and a max capacity of 350.   It kind of puts things into perspective.  That’s how they can afford to only charge $20 a month, they work in volume.

Not results.

Our gym is different.  We live and die on retention.  We have to give you service above and beyond what you can expect anywhere else.  Acknowledging you as a person and not a number is the easiest first step but we go beyond that.  You are like a family member.  We have an accountability coach that calls you on the weekends to check up on you during your Challenge.  If you haven’t been in a while, we ask why.  I’m Facebook friends with most of my members so they can reach out to me personally with their issues.  Our classes are top notch, our coaches are amazing and we create a STRONG community.

And what are you really buying from us?  You’re buying your health.  Being stronger, fitter, weighing less and eating healthier creates a healthier future for you.  There is no debate about it.  Prevention costs less than treatment.  You will be sick less which equates to fewer medical expenses and less missed work.  You can avoid the number one cause of medical car in the United States, lower back pain.  You’ll have more energy and be more productive at work.  You’ll be a better lover.  You’ll be able to avoid ailments like type II diabetes.

The difference between cost and price is clear.  Yes, the price is high when it comes to training with us.  But the cost of not training with us, not being able to Hit Your Target, not finding Medicine Through Movement and continuing not finding the help that you are seeking is even higher.  So don’t think of the price when you come in.  You’ve been able to afford spending more money on more food than you should have, more money on sweets and treats, more money on alcohol and less money than what you needed to become the YOU that WE know you can be.

Invest in yourself.


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