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Functional Barbell Training Classes

Our small group classes are the core of who we are. No matter your skill level, there is a space for you to get strong! Our programs is designed to give you maximum benefit regardless of your time commitments. We focus down on YOUR fitness goals using a variety of tools but at it’s core this a barbell-based strength training program. So if you’re ready to find out just how strong you can be and to HIT YOUR TARGET, this is this membership for you!

Personal Training

Are you ready for individual attention? Are you ready for a personalized training plan that takes you to your goals as quickly as you can work for them? We offer personal training at Iron Sight Barbell Club that can take you to the next level in your fitness journey! Message us to find out times and rates!

6 Week Fitness Challenge

You’ve seen it all over social media and you want in! We only want those that are dedicated to changing their lives 180 degrees. It includes a diet plan (real food, not a shake or pill), fitness classes and accountability coaching! It’s a comprehensive plan that will kick start your fitness like nothing else! Head to https://joinironsightbarbellclub.com to get yourself a spot in our next Challenge so you can HIT YOUR TARGET!


Basic Membership

Classes aren’t your thing? Are you looking to train for powerlifting or strongman? Looking to belong to a community of strength? We have a basic gym membership so you can come in to our open gym times. We have world-class strength training equipment you can use to your hearts content! I warn you though, once you lift here, you’re never going to want to lift anywhere else.

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