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Motivation might be the least useful tool for getting through a workout.

As a full time coach, full time student, full time Dad and full time athlete, I could never rely purely on motivation to continue to meet my fitness goals.  As I’m sitting here right now, I know that I need to get out to the gym and train.  I’ve already gone through a large amount of lunacy with the United States Postal Service today, reworked my website, had a client forget her appointment, gone to school, did my cardio and cleaned around the house.  The list never ends after the training either.  It would be a much easier day if I simply… didn’t do it.

But I will.

The only reason that I will is habit.  Training is a habit in my life.  That’s the concept behind being an everyday athlete.  You have to include training just like you include work and brushing your teeth and playing with your kids.  It can’t come from a clever meme or whenever I get the motivation because that will serve you poorly.  You’ll find the excuse because it’s really easy.  One missed day turns into a week of missed days turns in to having to start AGAIN because you’ve let a month go by.

Does this mean I train ALL THE TIME?

Of course not.  I program breaks in.  I barely trained last week.  I’m dieting down a weight class to try my shot at Nationals this year.  Which means caloric restriction which translates to harder training sessions.  I just wasn’t able to perform last week and so I made the conscious choice of recovery.  But I didn’t break the routine of training.  I still put on my shorts and shoes and did something, at just the times I’d be doing my actual programmed training.

So make training a part of your day.  Make it a habit.  Ask anyone (including me) who used to smoke and how hard it was to break a habit.  Then apply that same mentality to your training program.

See how fast you can Hit Your Target then…

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