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I’ve heard it in many different forms:

“I don’t want to get too big.”

“I don’t want to get too bulky.

“Barbell training is bad for you!”

“You can be injured too easily!”


The last one is the only true one.  It is hard.  It’s supposed to be hard.  That’s why I love barbell training over any other type of strength training.  While it’s hard, it’s also measurable.  You can keep track of exactly how much you can possibly lift and then try to get just a little bit stronger to lift even more.  Trying to “tone” doesn’t have a hard definition and while losing weight is a hard metric, it’s hardly one that is a good indicator of health.  It’s just one of the factors that contribute to being an athlete in your own life.

Athletes are not just the professionals you see on TV.  That’s why they are specified as professional athletes!  Changing your life is all about changing your mindset.  Changing it from “HELL NO I’m not an athlete” to “I’m 100% an everyday ATHLETE!” can work wonders.  I see it as a coach everyday.  People that never thought they could deadlift are shocked when they pick up 135 lbs on their very first session.  Potential athletes that wouldn’t dream of bench pressing are hungry for the next time under the bar to try to break their Personal Record.  People come in and really learn that the squat is just like life: something heavy weighs you down and you have to simply pick yourself back up.

So yes, barbell training is hard.  It’s also going to change your life, just like it’s changed the life of everyone that’s dedicated themselves to barbell training.  Change is never going to come easy.  Anyone that offers you an easy solution to strength is simply lying to you.  No pill, no supplement, no fancy workout is going to get you to where you want to be.  I know from first hand experience because I’ve tried all of that.  It wasn’t until I started to seriously train that I found out the strongest person I can be.

And there’s always more weight out there for me to add.

How much weight will you add to the bar today?

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