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Change One Habit

Change One Habit

Make your bed!

I know it sounds crazy.  And I’ll be perfectly honest, after I wasn’t forced to make my bed, I never did anymore.  I’d leave it messy and go about my day, never giving it another thought.  All through the day, I would be working or playing and there my bed would sit; unmade.  It couldn’t be that bad, right?  Not the end of the world, just another part of my day that I didn’t have to spend time doing a pointless, time-wasting task.

What a false thought that is!

A successful life is built on small sub-routines.  Things that taken individually seem trivial, but when added into a tapestry of a day in the life, or a week or a month… these things create a beautiful and clear picture.  I’ve always struggled with waking up in the morning.  It’s a trope that has been around forever and I had every excuse not to wake up and get things done.  I constantly cut it close, rushed my morning routine.  It’s only after I stopped being forced to did I realize the value.

The value of a quiet moment in the morning to reflect.

The value of routine to free your energy from re-inventing the wheel every morning.

The value of not rushing.

So why is making your bed so important?  Because it’s the start.  The catalyst for change.  When you start making your bed in the morning, there’s no going back.  You’ve already put effort into getting the day started and to slide back into bed after you’ve put it together seems wrong!  It gives you a sense that no matter how bad the day may become, at least you’ve accomplished something.  It let’s you start your day off with a win.  A positive note.  It helps kick-start your morning routine, pre-programmed and efficient.

It makes the whole day just a little bit easier.

So listen to your mother’s advice.

Make your bed.

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